5 Benefits Of A Jacuzzi Holiday Break

Discover the benefits of combining your holiday with a hot tub experience…

1. Entertainment
2. Stress Relief
3. Helpful for Insomniacs
4. Natural Healing
5. Pain Relief

1. Entertainment
If you have ever been in a hot tub then you will know that from the moment you enter the hot bubbling water your spirits seem to lift and a smile appears on your face. For those of you who haven’t had the experience of a hot tub – then you have this to look forward to.

Once you are in the hot tub and the relaxation kicks in everyone is more at ease and in a ‘good’ place, this brings out the best side to people. Conversation and laughter flows easily.

Combine your hot tub experience whilst on holiday – imagine enjoying your hot tub experience outdoor on the verandah whilst located in a private rural location with only nature around for company…

2. Stress Relief
Today’s modern living, for the majority of us, is a mixture of work hard and play hard – whilst this has its benefits, it can also takes its toll on the body by impacting on stress and tension levels.

It is commonly known that one of the benefits of hot / warm water combined with massaging water jets is to loosen up tightened muscles and alleviate anxiety. Spend under 30 minutes relaxing in a hot tub jacuzzi bath and you can wave goodbye to tension headaches, ongoing niggling pains and even reduce your blood pressure.

The science behind just why hot tubs have such an impact on our bodies is interesting. Once you have been in the hot tub long enough, the hot water raises the temperature of the blood flowing throughout the body. As the blood circulates it reaches deep into muscles. This impacts on the body as pain is eased due to the pinching of nerves and vessels being reduced allowing the body to self cleanse by ridding itself of lactic acid plus other metabolic wastes.

3. Help For Insomnia
Whether your body is exhausted through insomnia or you just having been sleeping as peacefully as you like, hot tubs could be beneficial to you. Research carried out found a direct correlation between the reduction in core body temperature and a more progressive ‘deep sleep’. This is why well being experts recommend insomniacs take a bath in (relatively) hot water (36 – 39c) at approximately 90- 120 minutes before bedtime.

The water in a hot tub is usually set to a very lovely 39c. Therefore with many hot tub breaks as you have you very own private hot tub outside you lodge / cottage this allows you to enjoy a dip in the evening and thus the opportunity to raise your core body temperature prior to ‘bed time’. By doing this you body temperature has further to fall than usual and thus encourages the body to enter into a deep sleep.

4. Natural Healing
Wear and tear on the body all adds up. Whether you’ve been on a brisk hill walk, following a cycle trail or simply have aching feet from all the site seeing – a hot tub jacuzzi is just what you and your body needs.

Combining multiple jet massage nozzles with hot water makes for some great results. These benefits can include the reduction in muscle soreness, exhaustion and mediocre pains due to exercise.

As the propulsion from the water jets hit the skin this has an effect on the amount of oxygen provided to the blood. The oxygen levels in your blood increases which will make a huge difference to your body’s mood and feeling.

5. Pain Relief
When you submerge yourself into water, be it in a swimming pool, the sea or a hot tub you instantly lose around about 90% of you body’s ‘weight’. This impacts on all kinds of things including the load on your heart by up to 20% as well as giving you greater movement over your body allowing you to carry our exercise more freely.

The heat from the water transfers into your blood, this warmer blood then circulates throughout. This change is registered by the body which depresses the central nervous system allowing for great muscle relaxation and temporary reduction in ongoing aches and pains. Also due to the increase in heat within your body, joints are warmed which decreases swelling, eases movement and improve flexibility.

There you have it – 5 ‘extra’ reasons…if you needed any of just why you should be holidaying at a cottages, log cabins or lodges with hot tubs. Such as great way for couples, families and friends to spend time away.

Taking a short break at a luxury lodge or a week’s holiday in a country cottage which has a hot tub allows you to holiday just as you normally would, but then you have the ultimate added luxury of enjoying time spent in a hot tub. Relaxation, comfort and that special something – an ideal holiday idea.


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