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Want to know what people thought of that particular lodge, log cabin or cottage where you have been thinking of booking for a long weekend away?

Now you can.

To provide our users with an additional insight and to allow feedback from holidaymakers we have added some features and functionality into the listings – which are: ratings, reviews and the opportunity to upload your holiday pics.


Users who want to rate the holiday accommodation can do so. The categories to rate are:
– Accommodation
– Location
– Hot Tub
– Value

If you’ve stayed at one of the holiday lets we featured and have yet to leave a rating…we’d really like to hear your feedback – this will be helpful for future visitors.


People, generally, like to find out a little more about the accommodation and area before booking. This is where you, our users come in.

Once you’ve returned from your break away we’d welcome your review – you have experienced the accommodation, hot tub, cleanliness, facilities, activities and more so you’re the ideal person to write a review. There is no right or wrong way when leaving a review – it’s purely your take and opinion and by writing a review, you will be benefiting our users who are looking for that ideal hot tub holiday.

Users’ Images

It’s a well known, popular saying – a picture speaks a thousand words. You now have the ability to upload pictures from your holiday into your review / comments. This is a great way to show how spacious the decking areas was, the hot tub bubbling away or the secluded garden, for instance.

By adding users’ photos into the listings we hope to give our reader further insight into the accommodation which isn’t available elsewhere. To do this we need you, our visitors. So, if you’ve experienced a holiday break in one of our listed cottages, lodges or log cabins please upload a few of your holiday photos – it takes less than 30 seconds.

Your Opinion Counts

We’ve already had a comprehensive review for Pentre Grange accommodation, including a holiday snap, left by the Clark family.

We’d like you to make use of these new features so we can build upon the existing information provided.

Happy reviewing!


Upload a photo

You can optionally include photos in your comment by selecting one below. Once you select a file, it will be uploaded and a link to it added to your comment.

The Small Print
By submitting you are confirming the information is truthfully provided based upon your own experiences, you are the owner of any photos which you upload / include with your comment and accept our terms and conditions.

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