A Weatherproof UK Staycation

In recent years the term ‘staycation’ has been heard more and more often throughout the travel industry.

This term relates to Brits who are taking their holiday within the UK, therefore staying at home for their ‘vacation’ – a staycation.

The credit crunch, exchange rate and Volcanoes erupting are all reasons for more people taking their holidays on UK soil – up a massive 12% on 2009. Whether the issue is people can’t get the funds for that big overseas break, think the cost when you get there is simply too expensive, you’re worried about flying such as your plane being delayed or even cancelled it is clear to see why more and more Brits are staying put and exploring what is on offer from England, Scotland and Wales.

However, just as your foreign holiday faces difficulties and issues so does a UK break. The main issue that does tend to put people off a UK based holiday is the weather. We all know the inconsistencies and therefore it can’t be relied upon for the sun to be shining down for the full holiday.

Forget about the weather…

What about taking a UK based break where your accommodation has a hot tub? By doing this on that rainy day or cold night you can still hop into the hot water from the jacuzzi. It pretty much doesn’t matter about the elements around you are your kept so warm by the bubbling water all around you.

There are so many lodges, log cabins and cottages with hot tubs situated all over the UK. What about staying in North Yorkshire where you are close to the open greenery of the moors but also near enough to theme parks for the children? Or visit Devon and explore the scenic coastline and experience surfing?

No matter what season, hot tub breaks always make for a great holiday.


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