North of England

Rugged landscape, miles of beaches and quaint traditional villages are just the tip of the iceberg.

Ideally suited for the active adrenalin junkie, or those who want to pass the time in peace with only a sheep’s baa to break the silence – then the north has what you want.

Find yourself an ideal place to compliment the many fantastic locations “up north”.

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Map of the UK highlighting the North of England
Steam train with red carriages

Popular Areas In The North Of England Are:


County Durham

Map of the UK highlighting the South West of England
Country road with red post box in the wall

South West England

It needs no introduction and many, many thousands can’t resist it and keep going back for more.

Fantastic landscape, the coast to the north and sound and with many picturesque villages and towns dotted along the way you’ll find you ideal ‘home from home’ to enjoy this beautiful area of England.

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Popular Places In The South West Of England:



Heart of England

Larger cities, history, national park and the action of the UK’s most popular theme park.

The Heart of England really has something for families, groups and couples. For the most scenic and adventurous you have the Peak District and for history and traditional England…well, you’re spoilt for choice!

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Map of the UK highlighting the Heart of England
Small bird feeding on nuts and seeds

Popular Places In The Heart Of England:




Map of the UK highlighting the East of England
Deserted country path with trees and flowers on either side

East of England

Fishing villages, towns and history can all be found in this ‘corner’ of England.

The coast for some of that fresh sea air or a little more in land with fields as far as you can see – the choice is yours!

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Popular Places In The East Of England:





South of England

Golden beaches at the seaside resorts, town and vibrant cities all await you.

Relax, unwind and chill in some fantastic hot tub places in the south. Take a look and see if you can resist!

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Map of the UK highlighting the South of England
Man punting on a calm river with colourful flowers on the embankment

Popular Places In The South Of England:

Isle of White





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