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We look forward to our holidays and short breaks away which is why it is important to make sure we find and book an accommodation which is ideal for us.

There can be many reasons why you and many other people like you, search for accommodations which do not allow pets.

Take a look below – these are hot tub holiday lets which are pet free.

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Dogs NOT allowed

Enjoy your time away in a pet free accommodation

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Your Hot Tub Break In A Pet Free Accommodation

You’ve decided for your break away, you want a place with a hot tub which doesn’t accept pets. You want the bubbles, but not the pet hair.

Holiday accommodation owners know very well there are many people just like you, who want to enjoy their stay at a place which hasn’t had dogs in it. We know this as well. This is why we have this specialist page.

Here we have brought together properties which are not pet friendly, but of course they are complete with a hot tub, for you and many others to look through and find your holiday accommodation.

✔ A little more peace of mind if you have certain allergies
✔ Could be a little cheaper to stay at a pets not welcome accommodation
✔ Pet free places can feel more ‘free’ with their interior décor choices


“The icing on the cake is the hot tub under a canopy which we had plenty of use of. Really good use of space and for us ticked all the boxes, non-smoking, pet free, quiet location and private parking.”


wrote on September 2018

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There are many reasons why people decide to book not pet friendly holidays homes.

Generally, we are a nation of dog lovers and those who don’t love or own dogs are usually pretty happy to see a dog playing in a park or a cute pup video online.

The reason people want to stay at a holiday let which doesn’t allow dogs to stay, is unlikely because they don’t like dogs.
There are quite a few reasons – such as…

  • Allergies

    Allergies seem to be more common than ever.

    Thinking up the idea of a hot tub holiday, messaging your partner of friends to say how about it, choosing the dates and accommodation all sounds great. The date approaches and in no time you’re in your accommodation and ready to enjoy your break away...what you certainly don’t want is to have your holiday spoilt in the slightest by a flare up of an allergy which you have.

  • Cleanliness

    As someone who is looking to find a property to book and stay in, you will have no doubt read some reviews.

    The vast majority of reviews praise the level of cleanliness. We are not saying pet free places are going to be cleaner than pet friendly accommodation.

    However, dogs as much as we love them can certainly contribute their fair share and often times more, to adding to the time it takes to clean a place. In accommodations which don’t allow pets, then if there is no pet to clean up. So less time spent cleaning

  • Cost & Check-In Time

    As we just mentioned, if there is less to clean up then the accommodation owner or cleaners of the holiday company might not need as much time to clean a pet free place, as opposed to a pets allowed place.

    If the cleaners are able to clean a no pets allowed cottage, cabin or lodge in a shorter time, then there could be some benefits from this.

    Less time to clean could mean less expense and this cost could be passed on to you in the form of slightly lower prices. We’ll we aren’t going as far as saying you’re going to notice a difference, however there could be a few pounds difference.

    Secondly, due to potentially less to clean and double check, it could mean an earlier check in time.

  • Interior Decoration

    Another possible benefit for staying in a pet free holiday let, is the interior decoration.

    Due to the fact that a there won’t be dogs in and out of the property, the owner may decide to include more decorative items or even higher quality furniture and soft furnishings.

    Due to the fact that there isn’t a playful dog inside the property, it lowers the risk or an accident happening. Allowing the owner may be more confident knowing there is less likely and damage may occur. Previous concerns that a stylish lamp will be knocked over or furniture being scratched are lowered.

    If this is the case, your tastefully decorated home from home, will mean you are even more likely to not want to leave your accommodation on check out date!

Double Check It IS Not Pet Friendly

As when booking a holiday, it is always best to double check the specification and features which you expect are actually how it is and there have not been any changes.

We rely on the data from the companies who partner with us and advertise with us. Discrepancies, oversights, changes and errors are always possible.

A holiday accommodation owner can decide their property will be a dog free property. However, if the owner decides that actually, they will allow dogs then this change could occur but may not instantly reflect in the listing / category we place the property in.

Before you book just to be on the safe side give the listing and the booking summary the once over before finalising the booking.

Sorry Dogs…You’re Not Allowed

Nowadays we can be very specific with what we are looking for in a holiday property.

Here at we have filters for pet not friendly, pet friendly properties, sea view, if a pub is close by, fishing plus others. If you wish to narrow your choice further, simply select one or as many filters as you wish. It is your holiday, so it has to be right.

You’ve decided a pet free property with a hot tub, so already you know pretty much just what you want.

You’ll notice there are accommodations all over the UK. If you want to holiday in one of the popular locations such as Cornwall, Devon, Yorkshire and the Lake District / Cumbria then you should be spoilt for choice.

If you’re after a location which isn’t as popular then go right ahead and add this into your search criteria and see what is available.

Now it’s your time to enjoy looking at the properties above.

Once you have found your hot tub pet free place, enjoy the countdown and have a great holiday.


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