Accommodation Types For Your Hot Tub Holiday


You have the idea, know when you want to travel and where you’d like to go – all that is left is actually finding your accommodation which comes complete with a hot tub.

We’ve packed this website full to the brim with huge number of hot tub cottages, cabins, lodges, barns, caravans, glamping, luxury and quirky places which you can select from. We really do have a fantastic choice, and although it’s a cliché, there is something to suit everyone and every holiday type.

So, whether you’re arranging a family gathering, wanting a holiday let which is close to the beach or perhaps looking for on-site fishing – you will find your ideal accommodation type for your break away.


You’re certainly not alone in deciding a lodge is where you’d like to spend your break, as this is the most popular accommodation choice amongst our visitors.

If you’re just starting out in your search or have never stayed in a self catering lodge before then we have a great starting guide for you. We have put together this lodge holiday guide which contains information, accommodation examples, a floorplan, ideas of how you can spend your day, and more which allows you to see if a lodge is suitable for your break and if so, just how it may look inside and out.

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Outside a lodge your hot tub is waiting
Night time dip outside your lodge
Open outdoor space at a cottage with a hot tub
A cottage with a great view from the terrace


Lots of holidaymakers who decide to stay in a cottage rather than a lodge, apartment or caravan do so usually for the peace and quiet and remote location that usually goes hand in hand with a cottage break.

Of course, there is no rule – some cottages may perhaps be in a quaint, yet thriving and busy town or village. If you’re not completely sure if the accommodation in which you want to holiday in is a cottage then feel free to take a browse throughout our cottage information section.

On this page, we have tried to put together information to help you decide if a cottage break is suitable and if it is how you can go about finding that ideal cottage which ticks all of your boxes. View a small selection of the type and style of cottages which you could be booking, some ideas of how your days away may be spent – plus a look at the layout of a ‘typical’ luxury cottage.

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log Cabins

Wooden cabins make a really great base for a holiday. Giving that authentic feel to a holiday in a natural environment.

When comparing to lodges, the main ‘differences’ between the two accommodation types, are that a larger number of cabins are on two levels and have a more ‘wooden’ feel inside.

So you can gain a little more information and read further details on log cabins we’ve wrote a page containing lots of titbits which we hope may help you decide where to take your holiday. You are able to see actual examples of wooden cabins which will provide the base for your break, how the layout of a large log cabin looks and depending on the reason for your getaway, how you could be spending your days whilst away.

View Log Cabins With Hot Tubs

A frame cabin with a hot tub
Traditional wooden cabin with a garden
Open courtyard with a view of the barn from your hot tub
Luxury converted barn with a private hot tub


Ideal for that group getaway of family meetup

Often rural in location and imposing in appearance, a barn can make for an ideal accommodation to suit many getaways.

High ceilings, period features and nature on your doorstep, it’s almost impossible not to be impressed with the amazing work which has been put into converting many barns into fantastic accommodation holiday lets for us to enjoy.

Head over to our page dedicated to barns and finding your ideal barn break.

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Posh camping, also known as glamping is camping but with some home comforts.

Wanting that half way house between camping and a lodge…hypthen glamping may be just be what you are looking for. Stay in pods, tents, chic caravans, treehouses and other unique accommodation. Up and down the UK there are many glamping sites for you pick from.

You can read more, and see images of the different type and choice of glamping accommodations which are available.

View Glamping With Hot Tubs

Amazing luxurious huge safari tent
Old 'skool' glamping caravan with hot tub outside
Luxury caravan with a large hot tub
Tasteful caravan with trees and a hot tub


Lifelong memories are made with caravan holidays

Mod cons, a pleasant interior and often ideal location for family fun makes a caravan a great base for a fun holiday.

Large static caravan on holiday parks or smaller cosy chic caravans in a more rural location – you can take your pick.

Here is where you can read more about the different caravans available to holiday in.

View Caravans With Hot Tubs


Something that little bit different…lodges and cottages re great but how about trying a place you never even imagined?

Be it a highly unusual location, decoration, theme or type of building we have plenty for you. Your unique stay will be long lasting in your mind as well as in your phone’s gallery and on your social media.

Take a look and see if there is something which you can’t resist and all of a sudden you have a booking…

View Quirky Hot Tub Stays

A once used RAF tower
Luxury railway carriage accommodation with seating outside
Hot tub with privacy on space outside an apartment
View from a hot tub on your apartment balcony


A great way to enjoy a hot tub holiday…usually combines with being close or closer to a town or city.

A day’s shopping or sightseeing then back to your place for drinks in the hot tub on the balcony with a great view…what’s not to like?…

Of all the different types of accommodation apartments with hot tubs are in limited supply. If you find one and like it then don’t let it go!

Take and look and enjoy your luxury apartment experience.

View Apartments With Hot Tubs

Pod Camping

A type of glamping. Pods now come in all shapes and sizes and range from quite basic living through to as conformable as you home…well, not quite, but you know…

Modern conveniences such as coffee maker, fridge, televisions, gas or electric cooking facilities such as a stove and the all important wi-fi can all be had. Toilets inside are now very common but some still do use a communal system.

Locations are usually superb. At night, in your hot tub if you choose to turn the lights of it’s typically just you and stars…

If you haven’t tried a pod experience, it’s something many people very much enjoy. The reviews will give you an idea just how much they do ejoy their pod break away.

View Pods With Hot Tubs

Large square pod with large windows and an outdoor hot tub
Traditional wooden pod with field views and a hot tub
Interesting and luxurious accommodation at dusk
Luxury wooden home with a large decking area


We all deserve some luxury…and when you feast your eyes on the incredible properties available then there is a good chance you won’t be able to resist.

throughout the UK, inland and on coastal regions holiday home owners have done a fantastic job of creating amazing places for us all to stay and enjoy. Enjoy the property full and enjoy the company and time together fully.

Luxury costs money, we all know that and it is no different with these luxury accommodations. However, if you’re planning a group break away then the price ‘per person’ may just surprise you of how much you can get without breaking the bank.

Once booked and the days tick down…just make sure you phone has plenty of space for pics – enjoy!

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One-offs, rare, exclusive and certainly you won’t see another place like it around the corner.

Add that little bit of extra something to your hot tub break…a place which it’s likely no one you know will have experienced.

Every been in a hot tub as a train goes past barely 5 minutes away? Or house with decoration from an old movie set? Well, now is your chance.

See what appeals to you, however, don’t blame us if you end up booking when you were only supposed to be looking! The temptation will be there…

View Unique Hot Tub Places

Striking angled stone designed holiday home with clock tower
Outside area with hot tub and trains going past


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