Hot Tub Pods…Over 50 For You To Pick From


Fun, different and as close to ‘camping’ as many want to get. Pods have popped up all over the UK and offer a different way to spend a few nights.

From basic pods with a real back to nature feel to the pods with many mod cons there is a pod for all wants and needs.

Here you will find many pods and of course all with hot tubs.

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Stars Above

Usually located away from cities…enjoy the starry nights

Pet friendly Pods

Not many do but some pods do welcome pets

Romantic Getaway

Can be an ideal romatic couples’ break away

A Break Away In Your Own Pod

Your own small space. There’s something definitely cool about pods. Set in remote areas with nature all around you. The only disturbance is from the birds singing and the kettle whistling.

A few days away to relax and unwind. Head back into normal daily life rejuvenated…with a few stories to tell from your experience.

✔ An experience…and a cosy one at that!
✔ A mini cabin or a posh tent…perhaps a bit of both
✔ Usually remote locations which are perfect for that get away from it all break
✔ Ideal for romantic breaks
✔ Dog friendly pods are available


"These little holiday pods are cosy and well equipped, the countryside surrounding is beautiful and gives a real sense of escaping from our lives for a few days."


wrote on 15th July 2020


"It had more than what we needed, great views, the hot tub was amazing and just an all round enjoyable stay. Will definitely be staying here again and would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a little getaway!"


wrote on 25th July 2020


"We had a lovely stay and took our 2 dogs that were able to be run around the enclosed garden. The Pod was in excellent condition, the Hot Tub was a massive plus and so relaxing."

No name given,

wrote on 3rd September 2018


"My partner and I stayed here for 2 nights for a bank holiday getaway. This was our first trip away together and this place was lovely. Perfect little space for the two of us and everything was extremely clean and modern which we loved!"


wrote on 3rd September 2020


"Me and my boyfriend visited for 2 nights on the 30th April and we had the best time. The location couldn’t be anymore perfect if you are looking for a relaxing break. It is so quiet and peaceful with the only noise coming from the animals and birds which we loved. The pub nearby, the George and dragon, served lovely food and was very easy to get to. The hot tub was fab"


wrote on 2nd May 2021


"Had a lovely 3 nights here with the partner. Really cosy and such a lovely peaceful place. Being able to watch the TV in the hot tub is also great."


wrote on 20th June 2021

Small, Cosy & Under The Stars

You’ve been before and want to do it all again or you’ve seen some pictures on social media. Taking a few days away from it all in a pod which has a hot tub has become a very popular and enjoyable experience.

Typically located in rural areas. Think on farmland and small bits of land which have been turned into glamping sites. You usually won’t have many human neighbours but you will have the surrounding wildlife and a views. Toggle the alarm clock off, as it’s likely to be replaced by birds chirping to start your day.


Your own small home from home with the addition of your very own hot tub.

Staying in a pod is an experience in itself before your holiday has even begun. Carefully constructed and laid out to maximise the space inside. You’ll likely be amazed how so much can be included whilst still maintaining a ‘spacious’ feel.

With pods there are a range or differences. You’ll have the pods which are well equip with many of the home comforts you are used to. From a hairdryer, fridge to a working shower. And of course, a toilet.

Then there are the pods which have less. These are more back to basics and essentially ‘camping’ in a cool pod. There is no electricity supply and no inside toilet or shower. There will be communal showers and toilets. For eating it’s cooking on a bbq or eating out.

There are many pods in between these examples.

Maybe you’re someone who can’t leave their creature comforts and the thought of an outside toilet horrifies you…well, there’s no need panic. When browsing you can see from the pics and read the description to make sure you have a pod which ticks all your boxes.

Similar story if you’re looking for a ‘bare bones’ experience. There’s no need to book a pod with all the bells and whistles as you’ll only be overpaying for what you want.

Whichever ‘type’ of pod experience you are looking for it can be found.


As you’ll be familiar with self-catering is just that. Pack the car with some goodies before you leave and top up at the local shops. Or some variation of this. With pods it’s no different, but there are a couple of things you may want to consider.

First thing is, even if your pod is not super small you will still be very restricted on space. Best to pack ‘light’ or think about what food you could keep in the car to top up your pod during your stay. For foods that need to be refrigerated then it’s best to pick up these as close to your pod as possible. Unless you have your own means of keeping the food chilled in a refrigeration box or similar.

Second is the place you are staying may offer food. Things like a breakfast hamper or lunch box. These are ingredients delivered to your pod or available to pick up, depending on how the accommodation owners run things. From here you can store, cook and eat.
If this type of food set up is available then you can make your planning and packing a little easier as you won’t have to take as much.

Hot Tubs

Many people who want to enjoy a pod getaway also want a pod with a hot tub. And as you’re here there’s a good chance you are wanting this also.

Before you book your preferred pod there is one main thing to consider when it comes to the hot tub. That thing to consider is the type of hot tub.

Cottages and lodges typically come with electric hot tubs. It isn’t much of a consideration when booking this type of accommodation. However, with pods you’ll find it is quite evenly split by electric hot tubs and wood-fired hot tubs.

There are quite big differences between electric and wood-fired. If you want the more ‘typical’ hot tub experience where the water, once up to temperature stays hot and ready for you to hop into at a moment’s notice – then electric hot tubs are for you.

Should you want a wood-fired then they offer quite a different experience. You will need to heat the water by burning logs. Each time you wish to use the tub you will need to heat the water. It can be time consuming but these types of hot tubs are becoming more popular and many people say great things about using them for relaxation.

The electric tubs are typically square or circular and have a plastic look on the outside. The wood-fired tubs are almost always wooden in appearance.

  • What Will I Find In The Pod?

    There is no one answer. But it can range from literally a bed, a battery powered lamp and some storage. This is the most basic type of pod.

    For the other end of the scale, you can expect to find your pod packed to the brim with modern creature comforts. Televisions, microwaves, wood-burning stoves, electric kettles and even a dishwasher. Outside there can be a seating / decking area, BBQ, fire pit, lighting and of course your hot tub.

  • What Locations / Areas Are Pods Located In?

    Usually rural. Pods which have their own hot tubs can be found up and down and all across the UK.

    There isn’t really a hot spot of where pods are. Close to national parks, the coast, hills and mountains are where you can find these mini accommodations.

    With pods being more rural in location then just consider things like clothing, practically to the nearest amenities, entertainment and shops if this is something you’ll search out.

    And of course, if you or someone you are going with isn’t the biggest fan of the odd insect of creepy crawly then you may need to be prepared or hopefully have someone who can escort that spider outside. It sounds worse that it is…as you can read from the reviews left by couples, friends and families who have stayed in pods there are often comments of how clean they are.

  • How Many Nights Can I Stay?

    Stays in pods tend to be shorter compared to other accommodations such as cottages, lodges, log cabins and caravans. As pods with hot tubs are very popular with couples it’s usually a 2 or 3 night stay at the weekend or a 4-night mid-week beak.

  • Can I Take My Dog?

    If the accommodation says it is pet friendly or pets welcome then feel free. Your four-legged friend may have to sleep on the floor so it could be an idea to take a dog bed / cushion.

  • Do Pods Have Their Own Toilet?

    Some do and some don’t. That’s right, even in the 21st century you may need to go outside of your pod to use the toilet. By design, some pod places opt for communal toilets and set up their park as more of a glamping (posh camping) experience. The posh bit is your nice timber pod rather than having to pitch your own tent.

  • What About Food & Cooking?

    Most pods are 100% self-catering or mainly self-catering. The mainly part means that at some pod sites you can opt for a breakfast hamper or a lunch / dinner box to be delivered to you pod. You will then turn into the chef and cook your own meal from these ingredients.

    Another possibility, and it depends on the place is there may be an on-site café / restaurant. Take a read through the description on the pods and here it will say how the set up looks.

  • Do Pods Sleep More Than 2 People?

    They do! But not many do.

    Approximately 80% of pods sleep 2. Most of the other 20% sleep 4. So you can see they are mainly suitable for 2 people which is why they are very popular for romantic breaks, especially the pods which have hot tubs.

  • Is There A Best Time Of Year To Go?

    This depends on you. Pods are open all year round and offer something different depending on the season.

    The colder seasons of autumn and winter may require packing those warmer pjs but your pod will not be freezing. Heating from water systems or wood-burning stoves are common. Should you stay in a basic pod then be prepared if you’ll need to do a late night or even mid-night dash to the loos!

    Perhaps if you’re going to take some walks around the local area then it’s a case of being extra careful not to bring dirt and mud back into your pod.

    Spring and summer will mean more flora and fauna and maybe only a need to fire up the woodburning fire.

Time To Choose Your Pod

Pods offer a cool and different experience. But this isn’t a one off been there and done that kind of experience. Many people get hooked and go time and time again to pods. Usually more affordable and in locations where you don’t always find other accommodations means there is such to attract people back to this type of getaway.

With more and more pods now having a hot tub this adds that little bit more to the overall holiday. A small home from home, peaceful locations and the relaxation and fun from time spent in the hot tub…what’s not to like.

If you haven’t yet tried a pod break and after reading all what we have to say, as well as seeing some of the accommodations available and you think a pod break could be for you, then go ahead and take a look.

Perhaps you’re back for more? If so, you will likely know what you want. Either way we hope you find your ideal pod, have a great time and make some memories to cherish.


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