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All kinds of quirky accommodations with hot tubs are popping up throughout the UK as more couples, friends and families are looking for a unique and interesting getaway.

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Quirky Accommodation

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Imaginative and unusual accommodations throughout the UK

Cool & Unusual Hot Tub Accommodations

Staying in a different and unusual accommodation to which you usually would stay in, adds that bit of extra fun to your hot tub break…

As you can see from the accommodations above, there are many different types to choose from. What makes a typical accommodation into something quirky can be many things. Different kinds of shapes, sizes, themes and locations are added into the mix to turn something usual, into unusual.

Speaking of locations. If you haven’t looked for such a stay before then there is no need to think that you have to travel too far and too wide to find them.

There are quirky stays throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Perhaps you have a certain place or area in mind for your unusual break then we have it covered. Of course, if you spot such a cool and unusual place to stay that is in a new or far away location, then it gives you a good reason to venture there. Staying somewhere new lets you explore a new area which you otherwise wouldn’t have.

✔ Quirky Accommodation in all sizes. Smaller one bed places for 2 through to large 4, 5, 6 bedroom stays for the whole family or group.
✔ Many different and imaginative places to stays. Train, plane, bus, treehouse, rooftop, huts, bunkers, themed rooms to name a few
✔ Located rurally, semi-rural or by the coast
✔ Pet friendly unusual accommodations can be found without too much trouble. Your dog is in on the experience!
✔ Something for all budgets. Cheap and cheerful to expensive and extravagant


"Couldn’t fault our stay at this quirky little place. Breath taking scenery and amazing nature, watching the red kites every evening, we fell in love with this little place."

Neil F,

wrote on June 2019


"Very different - great fun - everything we needed - very peaceful - very relaxed - cooking sausages and marshmallows on an open fire was perfect."


wrote on October 2019


"We had a wonderful stay, it is a beautiful and peaceful place, with access to woods and nearby beaches."


wrote on April 2021


"…is the ultimate escape from the everyday and a perfect place for a romantic getaway. Booked for our honeymoon, it did not disappoint."


wrote on September 2020


"Such a perfect getaway. Just peace, quiet and a well-appointed and comfortable hut, plus hot-tub and chiminea."

Tom G,

September 2021

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No So Typical Stays

As we all know, it is very popular for a weekend or a week’s getaway to stay in a traditional cottage or lodge. I’m sure even in the last year you will have seen plenty of great pics online of trips that friends, family and colleagues staying in such places. However, these are staples of a ‘quick’ getaway in Britain.

Every now and again you hear about someone’s stay or scroll past something that catches your eye even more. A UK getaway but with a small twist – a stay in an unusual place or quirky accommodation to up the getaway experience. That themed quirky cottage, unusual lodge on the railways’ platform or the ‘invisible’ mirrored pod in the woods, to name just a couple. What is the icing on the cake? A quirky accommodation with a hot tub…

There are many cool, unique, different and inspiring places all over England, Scotland and Wales. However, there are not so many which have hot tubs. This is where we come in. Here, on this page you will find only quirky places which have hot tubs. From Cornwall all the way up to the Scottish Highlands and from the Lake District over to Yorkshire there are all kind of unusual places which have hot tubs where you can enjoy a few or quite a few days away.

We are all looking for something new and interesting to do and experience – a little change from the norm. What a way to really add in some memories – combining an interesting and unique holiday accommodation with a hot tub in a new part of the UK. New location to explore, excited and in awe with your unusual accommodation and the hot tub for some super relaxation – great times.

Once you’ve taken a look around your new surroundings and settles in…you have snapped a few pictures of your cool stay, then surely it is well overdue to check out the hot tub. A quick change, lift open the lid and get yourself into the lovely hot bubbling water. Time to sit back, close your eyes and enjoy…you deserve it, right?!

Types Of Cool Stays

From the pictures above you can see there are many different types of quirky holiday accommodation.

For a quirky holiday we believe it has to have one of two things.

Firstly, the accommodation can be unusual, cool, unique or different – goes without saying! Second is that the accommodation is somewhat ‘normal’ but the location is certainly not standard or has some unique aspect to it, which turns it into an unusual stay.

  • Quirky Accommodation Types

    We’ve touched on a couple of places and what you can expect to find under the ‘unusual holidays’ category.

    What is more is when it seems you have seen it all, then some imaginative person comes up with something even more creative than you thought possible. We thought we have seen it all, but are constantly, and pleasantly surprised when another cool place pops up. New properties which are so ingenious that it really makes you want to at least pop in some dates to check the price…forward it to a friend to tempt them with the ‘we must do this!’…and who knows, maybe you just can’t resist booking it!

    - Bus
    - Train / train carriage
    - Plane
    - Boat
    - Themed stays
    - Bunker style
    - Air traffic control tower
    - Lighthouse
    - Hobbit house
    - Treehouse
    - Glamping pods
    - Different styles of ‘tents’ including bell and yurts
    - Castle
    - Prison
    - Rooftop
    - Farm stay

  • First Unusual Stay?

    Wondering what To Expect Inside Your Unusual Accommodation?

    Although many of these properties are not orthodox, you will usually find well renovated, cleverly designed and well thought out living and sleeping areas where many pleasurable hours can be spent.

    Let’s start with amenities. Again, typically, the owners of these holiday rentals have thought about everything from facilities, equipment, gadgets. Their smart thinking allows us to have more comfort and add to the enjoyment and relaxation levels. Of course, one thing that is usual about unusual stays, is that the space is tight. In a pod for example, then everyone knows only so much can be included. It is reasonable and fairly typical to expect to find a tap and sink, cutlery, kettle, mugs, tea and coffee, storage, bedding a tv and in today’s world the all-important Wi-Fi. If size isn’t such a constraint and it isn’t a budget stay, then you can expect to find much more to make your stay very comfortable, cosy and with everything on hand.

    As we all do if it is important to us, just check the particular details on each property which you are interested in to make sure it matches up to your needs and wants.

    One specific are where there is a caveat, is ‘green / eco’ properties. These types of properties and overall green stays have purposely pulled back on providing so many amenities and facilities. Typically, these are the remote types – ‘back to nature’ kind of holidays lets where perhaps no tv and no Wi-Fi is provided, and possibly no mobile signal available along with other ‘extras’ and home comforts.

    Enjoy taking a look at the different properties and dive into the pictures. See for yourself just how fantastic these places can be.

    Properties do come and go and aren’t always available throughout the year. Some unusual properties can be booked well into the future.

  • On To The All Important Hot Tub

    One thing to think about when booking an unusual or quirky holiday rental in the hot tub.

    We all want to make sure we enjoy our time in the hot tub…we’ve looked forward to it so we don’t want any shocks or surprises. What we mean by being careful about the hot tub, is regarding the different types. The differences in types are not subtle and can mean very different things for yourself, such as preparation and experience once in.

    The most common is the electric type. With an electric hot tub almost the only thing you need to do is to lift the lid and hop in then switch on the jets and lights. Once your soak is coming to an end, switch off the jets and lights, get yourself out carefully and replace the lid.

    However, there are now quite a few places which have wood-fired hot tubs – especially with quirky accommodations as they tend to be a little different and more ‘eco’. Wood-fired hot tubs are great, but in the main, they do differ to electric hot tubs. You have most likely stayed at a place with an electric hot tub, but if you haven’t stayed at a place with a wood-fired hot tub then keep reading to see if you think a wood-fired is right for your next break away.

    With a wood-fired hot tub you will have to heat the water and this takes time – it can take many hours once the fire is going to heat. Each time you wish to use the hot tub you will have heat the water. If you used it only an hour or so ago then it may not take a lot of time to fully heat the water back up to the temperature which you want. However, if it is the next day and you are starting from cold water again, then it will take some time.

    You’ll need a supply of wood (often you’re able to purchase this on site / from the owner). If you don’t fancy sorting the fire and feeding in the wood, then perhaps an electric hot tub experience is more for you.

    The second major difference is with many wood-fired hot tubs you don’t always get the jets / bubble experience. Some wood-fired tubs have jets, but it isn’t a ‘given’.

    We say experiencing a hot tub which is wood-fired should certainly be tried at least once. However, you know best what you think you’ll like and want, on your break. There are quirky stays with both electric hot tubs, wood-fired hot tubs and some other types of tubs, so you can take your pick.

    If you are specific about which type of hot tub you would like, then you can use our filters when searching. Simply select from the hot tub types and voila you’ll see the accommodations with just the type(s) which you want - a little help to make your search that bit easier.

    Always check prior to booking that the hot tub / facilities that you would like and expect are indeed included - things can change, so a check before you book is well worth it. If you would like to read a little more - we give some tips on choosing your ideal hot tub here .

Explore The UK In A Different Way

Perhaps you have been chatting about a break away with your friends or family and planning to stay in a unusual holiday accommodation? You’re not the only one to think this way, so next up is to take a look at the great places for your very own quirky break away.

Be it a 2, 3, 4 nights’ stay, a week or longer then hopefully there is a holiday which is suitable and available for you to book.

If you’re on a budget or just trying to squeeze in an extra break this year, you might be surprised at the value for money that is on offer. Deals can mean you can find a cheap stay, but even if you don’t manage that, the price per person per night can be very reasonable. There are ‘expensive’ options as well, which you can pay plenty for, but judging by the pictures, location and experience of these accommodations you’ll also receive plenty.

There are some very impressive high-end accommodations. If you are looking to indulge for a birthday or an anniversary a high-end property may suit you well. Similarly for budget breaks and cheap getaways these can also be found. Most accommodations are in the mid-range.

We’ve covered types of accommodations, what to expect once there and the hot tubs. Now it’s over to you to.

Discovering the UK in your own quirky accommodation…what a great way to do it and enjoy your quirky stay!


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