Your Hot Tub Glamping Break Awaits…We Have Over 90

It’s your turn to experience the world of glamping…or maybe you are back for more. Either way, you’ll see we have a large number of pods, safari tents, vintage caravans, huts and more all with hot tubs.

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Back To Nature

A little bit back to nature…but not too much and with some home comforts!

Posh Camping Just Got…’Posh’er’

Luxury tents, pods, huts or vintage caravans all with hot tubs

Pet Friendly Glamping

Bring your dog…there are quite a lot which are happy for your four legged friend to come along

‘Luxury Camping’ With Hot Tubs

Glamping certainly isn’t new and new and it’s now so popular that most people have heard of it, and many have experienced this type of holiday – what is a little newer is being able to enjoy your glamping with a hot tub!

✔ Pods, tents, huts, treehouses and more
✔ Different ranges of facilities available
✔ Choice of locations
✔ Pet friendly glamping options can be found


"Perfect location, lovely hut so much thought and care has gone into it and the hot tub is amazing."


wrote on 5th November 2020


"so good to have the hot tub for tired bods at the end of each day! Will definitely return and am recommending to friends and family for a lovely relaxing break."


wrote on 22nd September 2021


"Of course the highlight is the hot tub which is just heavenly. Only wish we'd stayed longer!"


wrote on 20th May 2021


"Amazon pod, amazing hot tub"


wrote on 7th June 2021


"The pod was ideal for a weekend. Lovely and clean. The hot tub was a real plus. We will be back."


wrote on 28th April 2021

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100s Of Hot Tub Glamping Holidays

At your fingertips are 100s of posh tents, huts to hideaway in and pods with hot tubs – when you’re ready, just complete a search and see what takes your fancy for your first or next glamorous camping getaway.


Types Of Glamping We Have For You

There’s good news – up and down the UK there are now all kind of glamping accommodations with hot tubs. Pods, safari tents, yurts, shepherds’ huts, vintage caravans, treehouses and other interesting and intriguing places – something for every glamper.

Depending on what you want from your glamping experience and who you are going with will pretty much determine the type of accommodation you will book.

Here is a rundown of some of the most popular types of glamping accommodation types.

  • Pod Camping

    Probably one of the first and still the most loved glamping accommodation is pod camping, or more commonly known as pods.

    Pods are small wooden structures which typically sleep 2 or 4 people and can be positioned within a cluster of other pods (pod camping site) or on their own, usually in the grounds of other accommodations. Suited more for couples or close friends as privacy inside is rarely available!

    Entering a pod for the first time is great fun and almost always means ducking your head! Once inside, you will see your holiday home for your trip. All pods are different and this also means just what will greet you inside is also dependent on your specific pod.

    There are pods which are closer to the 'camping' and there are pods which are very much well equip and towards the more 'glamorous'.

    For the basic…make that ultra basic, there may be just a bed, light…and not much more. Typically, with this bare minimum pod there are outdoor facilities such as a toilet, shower, cooking area (may only be a BBQ / fire).

    Then there are pods which offer many of your home creature comforts but still give you that camping feel. Inside these luxury pods you will have your bed, some cupboard space, a TV, possibly a seating area with a table, kitchen facilities (most likely a sink, kettle, toaster and cutlery) and that all important inside toilet, sink and shower. Expecting WiFi might be pushing it a bit too far, however!

    When deciding on the pod for your holiday, you will notice the majority of pods sit somewhere between the basic and luxury examples described here.

    With pods which have a hot tub you will normally have this next to the side of your pod and will be your own private hot tub. Some pods can have a shared hot tub which is split between your use and the people staying in the pod next to you, for example. There are different types of tubs found with some pods - such as traditional electric and wood fired hot tubs to select from, so if you have a preference just be sure the pod has the type of hot tub you want for those chilled, star gazing night time dips.

    Closer to nature with that outdoorsy vibe, without the 'roughing it' in a tent feel - which is why pods are a hit with many who like the half way house pod camping offers.

  • Glamping Tents

    From the small tipi, medium yurts and large safari tents there's a size to fit your holiday.

    Reasonably impressive on the outside, but very impressive on the inside. Through the entrance of all these tents you will soon be asking yourself if you are actually in a 'tent'.

    Tipis are ideal for that close, romantic feel being relatively small in comparison to a safari tent and even a yurt.

    Families and small groups will be best suited to a yurt or safari lodge / tent.

    For the majority taking a short break in a yurt is far from a hardship, and more of an interesting and pleasurable experience of this different holiday type.

    With spacious living areas, numerous facilities and a finish to match a hotel room, some of these glamping tents are a real treat and a great way to enjoy the outdoors - a world away from pitching your beat-up 4 man tent in muddy field!

    The area outside around the yurt / tent is frequently equip with a BBQ, firepit and seating area so you can really enjoy some outdoor living.

    More Space

    Ideally sized for a small group of friends or for a family break, yurts and safari tents will often sleep 2 up to 10 people and some even more. Different configurations inside are typical, meaning if you need your space you can have it - separate bedrooms and living area can be found without needing to look too hard.

    A great way to spend a long weekend with some loved ones - pictures and memories will be made for sure.

  • Shepherds' Huts & Vintage Caravans

    Less common, but available are huts and old style caravans. Similar to pods these are usually best suited for couples and often have a cosy feel about them, making an idea choice if you're taking a romantic break which meets glamping.

    There isn't so much a standard hut or classic caravan. Whilst certainly not plentiful on the facilities, each accommodation can be quite bespoke so we'd advise to take a closer look to see if you are a little intrigued.

  • Treehouses & Other Structures

    Be ready to be wowed by some of the fantastic and interesting accommodation such as treehouses, small cabins which are often detached and other cool structures, as you're taken back to your youth - here you can enjoy a truly unique glamping experience.

    These special types of glamping holidays are not found in every corner of the UK and may mean some extra travelling to get there. Quite often secluded, staying high up in a unique structure with only great views and wildlife for company may mean the extra effort is all worthwhile.

    These accommodations tend to have a really unique and one off feel about. From the pictures and then arriving you can easily tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into creating such bespoke holiday accommodation.

Added Luxury Meets Glamorous Camping

All the above accommodations can be booked with a hot tub.

Glamping has always offered that something different and a unique setting which bring its own experiences, now you can add in that extra bit of luxury of your own hot tub – taking the ‘glamorous camping’ up a level.

Availability throughout England, in the usual highly popular areas of the South West, over to East Anglia and up North in Yorkshire and the Lake District is plentiful. If your destination is Wales or Scotland these are also home to a good selection as well – certainly nowhere near the number of lodges and cottages but if you’re willing to travel a little bit, you should have a number of possibilities for your getaway.

Be it a short trip for 1 night, 2 nights or even through to a full week, we hope you find your ideal glamping accommodation where you can enjoy a fantastic break!


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