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Easily find large cottages, holiday homes, manor houses, barn conversions, cabins and lodges which are suitable for your group holiday.

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  • Pet friendly lets available

Information & Details About Group Holidays

About Group Breaks And How We Can Help You Find Group Accommodation

A short break with the family or a week long holiday with your friends is time well spent - especially if your accommodation offers home comforts, mod cons and the all important hot tub!

Once you've worked out suitable dates and the number of people coming you then need to find suitable accommodations for large groups with hot tubs - which can be a little tricky. There are a number of holiday lets which are suitable for big groups of people and this is exactly where this website comes in very handy.

Our Accommodation Finder

We have scoured the internet looking for large cottages, holiday homes, lodges and cabins which have hot tubs and are able to sleep 8+ - meaning you don't have to. You can even choose to be shown pet friendly group accommodation if there are dog lovers amongst your friends and family who would like to bring their four legged friends along for the trip.

Big Cottages, Houses & Barns

As you can see from pictures below, there are some really lovely large cottages which really add something to the holiday by providing such a pleasant and comfortable base.

These properties are just a few examples of the type of accommodation available for you to book today.

What you might find when looking at cottages for big groups is that there may be a 'cluster' of smaller cottages which can be let at the same time. Although your group / party won't be staying in the same building, (which may or may not be a good thing) you will generally be situated very close together meaning you can still enjoy a late night bbq and drinks without having to call a taxi to take get you back to your let.

To see how a sizable cottage may look inside, you can view our floorplan here.

Big Log Cabins & Lodges

With large log cabins and lodges you tend to find they offer a superb standard of accommodation and provide many home comforts and extras to keep the family and friends entertained.

You can see this just by looking at the few examples we've picked out. These properties below are what you could be booking up for your group holiday.

Staying in a traditional pine cabin or luxury lodge somewhere in the countryside gives you a comfortable base. So after that hike, bike ride or day out at a theme park you can always have it in the back of your mind that you can take the weight of your legs in style back at your holiday let by taking a dip in the hot tub or relaxing on the sofa infront of the fire.

Take look inside to see how these large properties are laid out. You can see a lodge here and a cabin here.

Prices & Affordability

Although it takes a bit of organising and effort to arrange a group holiday you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised at how affordable the prices can be

There really are some stunning large holiday homes which at first perhaps look expensive until you work out the price per person. Just from the images of holiday lets above and especially once you begin your search, you'll see many properties which would cost over a million pounds to buy - yet you can holiday there for as little as £30pppn!

From huge beachside apartments on the seafront in Cornwall to secluded cottages close to National Parks in England, Wales and Scotland. Pick the accommodation to suit your type of break.

  • Only

    Example 1:

    Large cottage that sleeps 10 for 5 nights

    > Holiday let cost: £1,200
    > Number of people: 10

    Price Per Person is £120

    > Number of nights: 5

    So the price per person per night works out to be what some would consider 'cheap' at around just £24 a night. Totalling £120 for one person's short break in accommodation which offers so much.

    Price Per Person Per Night is £24
  • Just

    Example 2:

    Large log cabin which sleeps 16 for 3 nights

    > Holiday let cost: £1,500
    > Number of people: 16

    Price Per Person is £95

    > Number of nights: 3

    Taking the cost per person and dividing it by the number of nights means each person is effectively paying just over £30 per night. The total cost for one person is £95 - this is buying you three nights in a luxury accommodation with a hot tub and it may also have many mod cons, outdoor space, home cinema and of course you'll be surrounded by your family and mates.

    Price Per Person Per Night is £30

As you can see from these brief examples, the prices are very affordable and represent very good value for money.

Further Information

As you can appreciate, owners of holiday homes are almost always very proud of their accommodation - and rightly so as the majority are excellent. Therefore, you can sometimes find some holiday let owners do put in place certain restrictions when it comes to same sex groups, mixed sex groups, ages and pets.

Same Sex Groups

This is where you'll find the largest restriction. When booking, if there are restrictions on what type of large parties can stay, make sure to read these as you don't want to book up only later to find out that your group wont be accepted.

There are many lets which do allow same sex groups - so if you had it in mind to spend your hen do or stag do in a luxury cottage or cabin then the good news is you still may just have to look that bit harder that's all.

Mixed Sex Groups

Again, similar to the same sex groups we just spoke about, you can find certain accommodations do not accept male and female mixed parties. However, holiday home owners, from our experience are slightly more relaxed with mixed sex groups in comparison to same sex groups.


Certain lets do have in place a restriction on the age of party members. For instance the most common one is if the individuals are all under 25. Finding appropriate lets which don't have an age restriction, if for instance, all of the group are in their early twenties can be a bit difficult. So it's something to bear in mind when you're considering a break away with your friends.


Although there are restrictions on some properties which allow pets you shouldn't have much trouble finding somewhere suitable which welcomes your four legged friends with open arms.

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