Poll Results – Are You Taking Your Pet On A Hot Tub Holiday?

We’re a pet loving nation. Man’s best friend is now part of the family for many – but does that mean to the extent of taking your pet dog away on a weekend break or a family get together?

We decided to put it to the test. We wanted to find out so we set up a poll and asked you, our visitors to vote – this way we’d find out just how far, literally, you will go with your pooch in tow.

Did our visitors really show just how inseparable they are from their Spaniel or would they be content to leave their Labrador behind?

On To The Poll:

Q. Are You going To Be Taking A Pet Away With You On Your Hot Tub Holiday?

This has been our longest running poll to date with the most voters we’ve ever seen.

Live for over a year and a half meant we should be able to gather a large data sample to draw some conclusive takeaway points from.

– Start date: 10:39 on the 9th of December 2013
– End date: 16:16 on the 1st of July 2015
– Question: Are You going To Be Taking A Pet Away With You On Your Hot Tub Holiday?
– Answers to select from were:
A/ Yes – I’ll only book pet friendly accommodation
B/ Just depends – If the accommodation I book allows pets then I will
C/ No – My pet(s) will be staying at home
D/ No – I don’t have any pets
– Number of answers allowed per voter: 1
– Number of votes cast: 1,979

Are You going To Be Taking A Pet Away With You On Your Hot Tub Holiday?


Here are the results:

In order of most popular.
D/ I don’t have any pets
A/ Yes – I’ll only book pet friendly accommodation
C/ No – My pet(s) will be staying at home
B/ Just depends – If the accommodation I book allows pets then I will

Here are the results as a visual.

Double the amount said ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ (Without counting the maybe voters of option C)


Quick summary:
– Out of the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ voters, 66% said their pets will be coming with them
– 62% of all voters have a pet
– Most voters knew one way or the other with only 160 votes (8%) saying it depends whether the particular accommodation was pet friendly

Deeper look:
– If we add together the number of votes from respondents who have pets (option A, B & C) this comes to 1,220 which as a percentage of total voters is, 61.6%. Looking at the estimated number of households who own a dog, which, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association – this stands at 24% of households for a dog. This could say a few things. Such as but not limited to that there are a lot of people who enjoy a hot tub break who also own pets, there are many people taking a different kind of pet on holiday or the same people in each household may go on separate holidays – such as the Son taking the family dog away with his girlfriend as well as the same dog going away with ‘parents’ as well.

– Out of the pet owners who voted it looks to be a significant deciding factor as to whether they go on holiday to a cottage or cabin which has a hot tub. Something to think about for the owners of cottages, log cabins and lodges which have hot tubs up and down the country but don’t allow pets.

Limitations to the data:
As with many data samples there are usually limitation and things which if the data collection was repeated, you’d do slightly differently.
Specifically to this poll:
– More specific in the question of the poll. Specify dogs rather than pets. There may be a very small amount of holidaymakers who take their cat, bird or specialist pet with them, but speculating, this wouldn’t amount to a significant proportion. Perhaps this could be a poll in the future – Q. What pet are you taking with you on your future hot tub hol? Dog, Cat, Goldfish (anyone?), Rabbit and so on.
– Option C: No – My pet(s) will be staying at home. This should be made more specific rather than home, as this could be taken literally. As is the norm, many holiday makers leave their pet dog in kennels or at a with a member of the family / close friend. There is a chance some voters may not have registered this option.

As with every poll we do here on hottubholiday.co.uk we thank you for taking the time out to share your habits and opinions.


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