Your Own Hot Tub…All To Yourself

Your own hot tub, no sharing, no interruptions and privacy. For the majority of people who take a hot tub holiday want to book accommodations with their own private hot tub.

Below you will see properties with private hot tubs…no sharing – it’s all yours. Enjoy.

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Your Own Hot Tub

Accommodations with their own private hot tub

More Privacy

The tub is just for you

No Need To Book

Hop in and out as you please. No need to book your slot as with shared hot tubs

Convenience Of Your Own Tub

We know for many people having the luxury and convenience of having their own private usage, and not having to share hot tub is an important factor. Like these people if it is important to you then you are in the right place to find 1000s of suitable accommodations for your hot tub break.

We have thousands of hot tub holidays waiting for you. However, not all properties and holiday complexes have there own ‘private use’ hot tub just for you and your party. Approximately 1 in 5 accommodations have a ‘shared use’ hot tub.

Hot Tub For Our Use Only Please!

For this reason we’ve made it easy and straightforward to find and discover only properties with private tubs. Our hot tub filter shows you lodges, barns, cottages and other holiday lets which have a private hot tubs for your sole use.

Now there’s no fear that when you’re taking a nice relaxing soak that you have to clock watch or even interrupted by other holiday guests who would like to know when the hot tub is next available.

  • Sharing Isn’t Caring

    Although we use the term ‘shared’ it typically means you just have to book your usage in advanced.

    Time slots are usually 1 hour. However, unlike a shared hot tub, you don’t have to think about what specific time you will want to go in…once you return from that long walk or for some stargazing on a clear night, it’s all yours…just hop in. Once you’re in there is also no ‘clock watching’ as there’s no need to be out as the next people’s time slot quickly approaches.

    Quick note: Something to be aware of is some properties put time restrictions on the hours the tub can be used.
    For example, 7am until 10pm. This is usually to be respectful to other properties which are close by. So although it is your own tub, there still may be usage rules. Check the details on individual property pages.

  • Cleanliness

    When there’s a hot tub which can be used by a number of people at a time, even with usage time slots, this doesn’t always allow for the water to be changed or the chemical levels to be checked.

    Typically, if you have a private hot tub there will be new water added and the levels all checked prior to your arrival and then subsequent water checks completed which gives you more peace of mind.

  • Our Hot Tub Properties

    We have added this filter as a way to be helpful and we believe the information to be as accurate as possible given the information available to us.

    However, if the availability of a hot tub is exceptionally important to you, then clearly you must double check with the owner or holiday booking company that the usage of the hot tub is as you expect.

Having the of a hot tub when you go on your next hot tub getaway can be great fun. And a hot tub that is for your use only is even better and really add an extra something special to your time away. Enjoy find your next bubble break!


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