Hot Tubs With Privacy, Not Overlooked & Tucked Away…


Thinking about lowering in to the hot bubbling water, sitting yourself down, laying back and you’re ready to fully relax, unwind and really enjoy your hot tub experience.

You might be thinking one thing…I hope the hot tub is secluded and private? If you would like a private and secluded hot tub then feast your eyes on the holiday lets below.

These accommodations have had their hot tub rated as ‘very secluded’.

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Very Secluded

All properties above have a secluded hot tub for your privacy

Fully Relax & Unwind

Sit back and enjoy your hot tub experience without being overlooked

Types Of Hot Tubs

Properties with electric, wood-fired and other types are available

Not Overlooked, Hidden Away To Enjoy Your Time In The Hot Tub…Sounds Good?

When taking a break in the UK a hot tub is almost a must have. We all know how the weather can be and even in the rain the hot tub is great place to be!

As you’re looking to book up a hot tub break, even before it is booked, you will be looking forward to the time you will spend in the hot tub.

You can picture it…arriving, cases and bags in from the car. You know the hot tub is ready and just a few steps away – waiting for you. How long can you hold out, before you find yourself changing into your swimwear, and heading to your secluded and private hot tub for that much needed soak?

Many people would like to enjoy their hot tub time without people walking past and being overlooked. We wanted to do something to allow people to find their own secluded hot tub hideaway…so we did. A place where you can feel completely at ease knowing you are secluded whilst in the hot tub.

Each property has been looked at and checked. We looked to see if the hot tub offers privacy, hid-away or remote which offers a level of seclusion. If it does, then it will be given a rating of ‘very secluded’. Only then will make it onto this page.

Time spent in the hot tub is important to many. It’s always good to have some peace of mind that you have done all you can to book a place which you know will allow you to really enjoy this experience.

Seclusion whilst in the tub is one area which most people want. To save you time and because we know many people want seclusion in the hot tub, we have made it nice and straightforward to find the most secluded hot tub cottages, lodges and other accommodation types.

We hope you find this useful and convenient in your search for hot tub privacy.

✔ Being able to fully relax and unwind whilst you enjoy your hot tub time – secret hideaway
✔ Easily find a cottage, lodge and other accommodations which have a secluded hot tub
✔ Secluded hot tub doesn’t always mean an expensive break. Many cheap, budget and affordable accommodations have secluded tubs…now they are easy for you to hunt them down


"The hot tub has really been the highlight of our holiday! It is positioned very well and is very secluded!"


wrote on July 2020


“There is a hot tub right outside the door but tucked away in a secluded private corner. Nothing nicer to sit out in the hot tub with a tumbler of wine in good or wild weather then hop out and into a warm cottage with a blazing log fire.”

Bill G,

wrote on September 2016


“The outside terrace with table and chairs and hot tub is secluded enough to give privacy. The hot tub was such a good experience that we used it every day and has now become a must on our list for next year!”


wrote on April 2016


“The lodge feels nicely secluded, and is on a stretch of beautiful, arable farmland. The hot tub is very private and not overlooked. Soaking in the hot tub at night under the stars and/or light drizzle was blissful.”

Lee F,

wrote on October 2016


“The hot tub is fantastic and completely secluded. Plastic glasses are provided to ensure there are no nasty accidents as you enjoy a glass or three!!”


wrote on July 2016


“Very enjoyable holiday. Everything was superb. Good hot tub in secluded garden.”

Mr Stockley,

wrote on June 2015

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  • What Is ‘Secluded’ And What Can You Expect From This?

    You want to know exactly what it takes for a property to make it into our ‘very secluded’ page?

    So, you have an idea of why and what it takes for properties make it into our ‘very secluded’ hot tubs’ category will help you to know what to expect from an accommodation graded as having a secluded hot tub.

    For a property to make it onto this page, the hot tub is not going to be overlooked or easily seen by anyone. As you enjoy a dip you won’t be seeing people on next door’s veranda and they won’t be seeing you. Nor is the tub going to have a path next to it with a low fence, for example.

    It is pretty much going to be once you are in the hot tub other people are not going to be able to see you. It would be unexpected if somehow people are able to see you from some angle.

    But it isn’t always about a hot tub being tucked away in a corner.

    Such as, there may be a property which is in the distance that could see your property and even hot tub, if they decided to look your way. In this example we are talking that they would just see an outline /shape of some people in the distance.

    Similarly, there could be a road which passes, but in general you’re going to be pretty well out of sight.

    To bring it back to an example where distance isn’t the reason for your seclusion. Another example is that there could very well be a property neighbouring you. The property does not have windows overlooking your hot tub area, then that would also be counted as ‘very secluded hot tub’.

    Let’s say you were staying in a remote cottage with fields all around you and the hot tub is in the back garden. If the fence was low so you could see into the fields but there are no buildings or paths close by, then this could be considered as very secluded. In general, though, a ‘very secluded’ hot tub will typically be in the back garden with either a wall, trees or fencing around it to shield it from other people.

  • Finding The Absolute Most Secluded Hot Tubs

    If seclusion and privacy is extremely important to you then there is a way for you to see the most secluded, tucked-away, hot tubs where you are totally hidden.

    To find these just takes one tap and you don’t even have to leave this page. If you scroll up to just above the first property you can use the ‘sort by’ button.

    Once you click the ‘sort by’ you’ll see there are quite a few options. Pick the ‘sort by the most secluded’ option. The properties will re-order and the accommodations shown first are the ones which have the highest amount of privacy for your search criteria.

    Tip: Once you add the date which you want to stay and hit search then the properties will have a secluded hot tub. However, these might not be the most secluded which we feature here on There may be other properties which have a seclusion level, yet these properties may be already booked which is why they won’t show up.

    If you are seeking out the most secluded don’t add a date and filter by the ‘most secluded’ option. Click on each property which you are interested in and then you can toggle through the availability calendar to see when there is availability.

  • Difference Between Secluded and Private

    Although it sounds like these terms are interchangeable, and they can be, however when looking and booking a hot tub break it is best to know what is meant by them in context to the hot tub.

    When ‘secluded’ is spoken about it is referring to the privacy level offered once in the hot tub. So, you and your friends, partner or family can enjoy being in the hot tub without (or with a very slim chance) or a neighbour or passer-by seeing you.

    As for ‘private’ this is used to refer to who can use the hot tub. There are holiday parks, sites and on many occasions where there are a couple of cottages / lodges etc next to each other, they may have a shared hot tub; yourself and other guests can all use this. Typically, it works on a schedule / time slot basis – but the hot tub is not private for you sole use. When you see a property and it is written that there is a ‘private hot tub’ then this means it is for the use of the people staying in this accommodation only – it is all yours. Tip: Even though a hot tub may be very secluded, it still may not be private for your use only.

    For example, if a property has the use of a hot tub on site (shared hot tub) and that hot tub is very secluded, then this will show as a secluded hot tub. If you want a hot tub which is your own – a private hot tub for your use only, and you want it secluded, then be sure to use our hot tub filter to show only private hot tubs. Or you can visit our page lined above for holiday lets which have private hot tubs and use the filter to select your seclusion level. Either way will get you the same results.

    How about your hot tub also being…sunken, indoor, large, with a great view or undercover…or actually, a combination?

    As well as having a hot tub which is private and not overlooked, perhaps you would also like it to have some other aspect to it?

    Here is what we mean by this and what is possible to find.

    Again, using our handy hot tub filters to select properties where the hot tub is sunken, under cover, large in size or a hot tub which has a great view. There are, as well, some other filters to dial in specific criteria / specification to help you find that ideal hot tub to really make the experience special and memorable. A secluded, sunken hot tub with a great view...sounds good...

  • Keep In Mind About The Hot Tub ‘Gradings’

    For your convenience we have categorised the hot tub. This means it is our interpretation of what ‘secluded’ means and it may mean something different for you. Therefore, it is important to look and check the latest images and the most up to date spec of the property, if you are interested in booking it.

    Hot tubs can be repositioned, trees can be cut down, building can quickly pop up so there is a whole list of things which could take a once nicely secluded hot tub, to now not being secluded. These changes can occur anytime and therefore there is a chance that some properties which are on this page may not have such a secluded hot tub. Double check all the information before you book. Of course, when we review each property, any changes will be reflected but the changes could occur in-between when we review a particular property.

Time To Find Your Hot Tub Hideaway

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find that perfect hot tub so you can really maximise your hot tub experience.

Peace of mind in knowing that your hot tub isn’t going to be overlooked (well, perhaps by the odd sheep or two!) so you can have relative privacy as you soak away.

All that is left is for you to take a look at what is available and get booked up – enjoy!


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