General Questions & Information On Taking A Hot Tub Holiday

What type of accommodation is available?
Accommodations available for self catering breaks are usually cottages, lodges, barns, caravans, log cabins, glamping, quirky places and luxury stays. Holiday homes vary in size, style and quality. For example, you could stay in a tradition thatched roof cottage that’s hundreds of years old or opt for a stylish and ultra modern lodge.

Is price a good indicator of the accommodations’ quality?
This is something which is commonly thought. While on occasions price is an excellent indication of quality – booking an expensive holiday home doesn’t guarantee high end accommodation.

Similar to domestic properties, the location often has high impact on the price. Therefore, if you’re booking somewhere which is in a sought after location this could be the reason for the inflated price when comparing to less popular areas.

If you want to assess the quality of the interior then it’s recommended to look through all photos provided and to read any reviews left from previous guests.

Which locations are popular?
As you’ll already know, the UK is blessed with plenty of ideal locations where you can take your vacation, which offer so much. Areas which are popular include the Lake District, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Devonshire and Cornwall.

Who owns the accommodation?
The vast majority of self catering holiday accommodation is owned and ran by individuals. Travel companies, as well as on occasions the owner, handle the bookings.

Travelling to your lodge / cottage?
Locating lodges, log cabins and cottages isn’t always straightforward. Usually after you have booked you will receive directions. These directions are often written by people who are local to the area and therefore highly descriptive.

If appropriate, you could also store the owners’ phone number in your mobile – that way if you’re struggling to pin point the exact location a friendly holiday home owner should be able to guide you in.

What time can you arrive at the let?
Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a one time fits all. As a rough guide between 11am and 2pm is what you will typically find. After the previous occupiers have left, the cottage / lodge will then need to be prepared for your arrival.

What time do you have to vacate the let?
Checkout is normally around 10am – some maybe a little earlier or later. If you really aren’t an early riser or would like more time to pack up your belongings on exit day, you could enquire to see if late check outs are available.

How will I know what there is to do in the area?
Prior to leaving, if you have time, a quick search on the internet should return plenty of suggestions. If there are particular activities or excursions which you would like to do then consider pre-booking tickets to avoid disappointment. Additionally, see if there are any useful travel app which you can download to your mobile – however just be aware if the app requires a mobile signal to perform certain functions, you may not always have access.

If time wasn’t on your side before packing up and setting off then don’t worry as you’ll usually find a comprehensive ‘what to do’ guide waiting for you inside your accommodation.

What should be included at the accommodation?
This does vary so it’s recommended to check the details of the particular holiday home you’re interested in before booking.

You should expect a fully equipped kitchen (not stocked), bathroom, living area and bedroom.

Commonly provided are:
– Linen
– Towels
– Soaps
– Outdoor furniture

Take care to read if there are any additional charges for the using the hot tub, taking your dog and gas and / or electricity consumption.

Is there anywhere to store bikes / fishing equipment safely?
Unless otherwise stated on the agency or accommodation owner’s website you should presume not. Depending on the size, amount and rules of the property would determine whether you can store your equipment inside the holiday lodge / cottage.

Can you take dogs?
Pet friendly accommodation is very common. Check the details on the agency / owners’ website prior to booking to be sure you are allowed to bring your 4 legged friend along. Finding pet friendly cottages or lodges with a hot tub is slightly trickier, but it’s certainly available. A pet supplement may be charged.

What are the rules with the hot tub?
Again, the rules will usually differ for each holiday let and should be fully outlined in your ‘welcome pack’. Some rules which may be enforced include things like no glassware near the hot tub, shower prior to use (to remove any creams) and possibly a time restriction (such as no use after midnight etc).

Does every let have its own private hot tub?
Short answer to this is no but these lets appear to be a relatively small percentage. There are a vast amount of holiday homes which do have their own hot tub, so ‘shared’ usage isn’t an issue and you won’t need to book a slot – it’s all yours.

Remember though, it’s always best to check the specific details on the provider’s website before booking, to avoid any potential disappointment.

Is the use of the hot tub included in the holiday price?
From our general findings, experience and research the answer is yes, you won’t be charged ‘extra’ for use of the hot tub. However, we have noticed a small amount of holiday lets do charge ‘per use’. As always, we recommend you to read the full details on the provider’s website prior to booking.

I’m pregnant, can I still use the hot tub?
We aren’t medical professionals so cannot give an authoritative answer to this. From researching the internet (which as we know, should not always be trusted at face value, perhaps especially when looking into important medical questions) the general consensus seems to be ‘no’.

We would suggest a cautious approach and wouldn’t recommend using a hot tub whilst pregnant. However, you should seek professional, medical advice from someone like you GP or specialist doctor for an authoritative answer.

What are the benefits of using a hot tub?
There are said to be numerous advantages of spending time in a hot tub…the number one reason is simple – it is sure way to put a smile on your face…because it is a lot of fun!

One of the best things about a self catering hot tub holiday is that you are free to do as you wish – there aren’t any schedules to fit into such as restaurant opening hours or dress codes which can be found on other holiday experiences.

This means it’s your holiday your way.

We hope you found this information useful and your query has been covered. Please note that as accommodation to accommodation differs, always do your own research and checks.


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