Posted on: 22nd March 2012

Site Updates and Upgrades For 2012

This post is a little less about what is happening in the holiday industry and more to do with the recent changes to our site.

We’re writing this just to keep you informed and to ask for your feedback.

The aim of these updates were to help our site visitors go about finding their ideal hot tub holiday in the simplest and most straightforward way possible.

The changes in a nutshell:

1. Even easier to find suitable accommodation
2. Read all about other people’s holidays and leave your own comment in our visitor’s book
3. Further information on cottages, lodges and log cabins

With the changes we’ve applied you can now research, inform yourselves and ultimately find your ideal holiday accommodation with greater ease.

To make this happen we’ve been working hard adding to existing content as well as adding fresh new tools.

1. Improved Search & Filtering:

Searching on the site prior to this upgrade was slightly fragmented as there were two main options which users could, and did use to search.

Firstly, there was a search facility provided on each page (similar look to how it is now) which returned properties in a detailed manner.

Whilst this search facility worked well, the results it returned didn’t cover a wide number of holiday properties.

Secondly, you could locate your holiday accommodation via an interactive map. Unlike the previous search method, this way did not provide the user with much information about the property but it did cover all our holiday homes.

Accommodation Finder Box

The all new ‘Accommodation Finder’

Changes were made by bringing together the two previous search methods and in doing so we have hopefully created the best of both worlds. You now have one ‘finder’ which searchers through all the holiday properties and then returns a detailed overview (as well as plotting the location on a map) providing the searcher with added information in order to them to make a decision.

2. Visitor’s Book

We know that lots of our visitors are interested in taking a read and a look at some snapshots from other people’s holidays. Sites like Trip Advisor and Holiday Watchdog are very popular partly due to the huge number of reviews, feedback, users’ holiday pictures and information first hand from people who have holidayed at a specific place / hotel.

Since the last major update there has been the option to leave a review on a specific accommodation pages, however, there wasn’t a way to leave a more generic review or to view all the user feedback in one place. So reading about how perfect a loved up couple found their getaway, an active family managed on a budget or how a large group of friends spent their time was difficult to do.

Update 08/12/2021: You can now read reviews on each property page. these reviews are left on the provider’ website and we publish them for you to see.

Leaver's Book

Read and leave comments

We wanted a smaller place where people could provide this very feedback about their break along with the option of leaving a photo and rating their holiday. To allow this, we’ve opened up certain pages where our visitors, can comment and leave information about their hot tub break.

All comments are then collated and shown, for ease, on one single feedback page.

3. More Information On Each Accommodation Type

Knowing not only the choice of accommodation types available but also what specifically makes each variation of property different helps to inform visitors to ultimately decide which would be best suited to their holiday.

The three main types of holiday accommodation which have hot tubs are: pine cabins, lodges and cottages.

On each of these pages are now details of various aspects which potential hot tub holidaymakers would want to read and find out about. From a taste of the actual log cabins you could be staying in, to an inside look at the layout of a cottage.


We hope these changes will benefit you and if you have any feedback, suggestions or comments then feel free to send them through to us.


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