Find Places With Undercover Hot Tubs

Many places with hot tubs up and down the UK are covered…and if you’re wanting to book somewhere where you are a little more protected and sheltered whilst in the tub, it’s never been easier.

Take a look at the properties we have here – covered for that extra protection from the weather and to add a little extra seclusion.

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100s Of Covered Hot Tubs

If it’s a covered hot tub you want then you’re in the right place…

Keep The Weather Out

We all know what the weather is like in UK…your hot tub which is covered will shelter you nicely

Add Seclusion

Being undercover can add some extra privacy

Finding Sheltered Hot Tubs Is Now Easy…

No longer do you have to scroll through numerous properties checking the pictures to see if it is covered or not.

Here on you can now use our filter to show only hot tubs which are covered over. You will see you can filter by ‘undercover’. On this page we have pre-selected the undercover filter, so right here are lodges, cottages, barns and even glamping experiences with undercover hot tubs which are just waiting to be booked up by you.

Why Covered?

There a quite a few reasons why plenty of visitors to our site prefer to book a hot tub break which have a covered hot tub.

Firstly, the cover offers more privacy when your enjoying a soak. Having a more secluded hot tub hideaway allows some people to feel more comfortable and this leads to an all round better experience.

Second is the canopy over the hot tub offers some protection from the elements. Booking a short break or a longer stay in the UK…well you know what that means with regards to the weather! As we all know the UK’s weather can be unpredictable at best and rain is no stranger to us so having your tub covered protects you from this. For sure, if you’re going in the hot tub you’re going to get wet but with a cover you now at least have the choice if you want to get your head and hair wet.

It’s not just about the rain however. Covers and some structure around the hot tub add further protection from the wind and sun.

If you you’re concerned with the sun beating down on you in the Summer or the wind and rain trying dampen your experience in the Autumn, you can now feel more confident that glass of wine whilst being massaged by the jets will be enjoyed fully!

Many people looking for a romantic break book a hot tub holiday. As you will soon see once you go ahead and search, to maximise the romantic setting many creative and smart accommodation owners have added lights inside / under the hot tub cover to give that extra special romantic setting and adding to the overall atmosphere. A sure winner which your other half will appreciate!

Whilst there are may positives to enjoying your hot tub experience undercover there is one thing to consider and that is it can limit your view. Should you holiday accommodation be in such a location where views are plentiful these may be obscured with the structure / cover and also if you wanted to look up and get lost in a spot of stargazing then perhaps a hot tub undercover may not be for you on his occasion.


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