Posted on: 11th July 2022

These 6 Useful Tips Will Help You Choose The Ideal Hot Tub Break

Arm yourself with the following 6 tips.

These 6 tips will help ease your decision making as you’ll become even more aware of what to look out for regarding the hot tub.

Once you’re on holiday, you’ll reap the benefits of a more pleasurable hot tub experience.

Let’s run through the tips.


Number 1

1. What Type Of Hot Tub

– Electric

There are several different types of ‘hot tubs’. By far the most popular by far being the electric version which are square and circular in shape which have the water jets and lights. These are simple to use. It’s a case of taking back the cover, stepping in and then selecting the setting you want from the controls – usually pushing one button a few times. As you sit back and enjoy the experience the water is kept to a constant temperature. The water is treated to ensure it is clean and safe.

Standard Electric Hot Tub

– Wood-fired

Next there are the wood-burning hot tubs. Compared to the electric version there are many differences – we’ll run through a few. Less commonly found at holiday rental places but are becoming more and more common. The largest difference is that the water is heated from the fire. The fire is fuelled from burning logs…hence, wood-burning hot tubs.

This isn’t where the differences end. For each use the water needs to be heated. This means you need to prepare the wood and begin the burning in order for the water to heat to turn it from a cold tub into a hot tub. Heating the water can take several hours but the exact time depends on quite a number of factors. Once the water is at a temperature you are happy with, then in you get to enjoy the experience. Relax and unwind…especially after your preparation efforts!

The accommodations which have wood-burning tubs usually provide a starter pack of logs. Once burnt then more wood needs to be source. Local shops sell the logs and usually more is available on site to buy per bag. It could be a good idea to pick up a few bags from your local area if you have room in the car.

Another main difference is the water does not bubble. There are some wood-fired tubs which have some sort of means to create bubbles, but these are not commonplace. Wood-fired tubs are typically found at places which are remote and a bit of a ‘getaway’ from it all location. Hence the tubs are quite with no motor whirring away to disturb the peace.

Wood-fired Hot Tub

In short, the electric tubs require much less work and maintain their temperature. The wood-fired type offer a different experience but require more effort and attention. Both can be very enjoyable.


Number 2

2. Time Of Year
We all know how the British weather can be. Booking a hot tub getaway in the even more unpredictable seasons such as Autumn and Winter, then you may want to consider a hot tub which is sheltered.

Taking a hot tub holiday is popular all year round, but in the colder months booking a place which has the hot tub undercover can make a lot of sense. In fact, in a previous poll we carried out our users voted that Autumn was the seasons they would prefer to go on a hot tub break.

Rain beating down during a late night dip means you can enjoy the bubbles late into the evening without getting completely soaked. Once out a quite rinse shower without the need for a full hair wash and you’re ready to call it a night and turn in.

Blowing a gale isn’t an infrequent forecast in the UK…as we all know. Being wet with the wind swirling around isn’t the best combination. The roof above your tub may shield you completely, but it gives you a better chance of some relaxation and comfort without the wind gushing past you in every direction.


Number 3

3. Usage Times
Whilst it’s bliss in the tub many owners actually put restrictions on when you can use the hot tub. As with many things there are rules to be adhered to and some can be quite restrictive.

If there are times which are not permitted these are late at night until and even on the morning. Due to this, the curfews for many are not very restrictive as you can enjoy the tub until 10pm. Some restrictions are earlier at 9pm. And as mentioned, some also add in morning times when you are first allowed to take a soak in your bubbling hot tub.

Both early risers or night owls who think they’ll fancy a dip are best to avoid such properties. Similarly, if you are a group of friends going away and you know that it’s more likely you’ll be getting in the tub at 9pm, rather than out of it, then make sure you read the description from each property carefully. It’s not always obvious there are time restrictions as the can be far down in the description of the property.

It would be a shame and cut the enjoyment of your hot tub getaway. Imagine turning up to your accommodation only to then realise that there is time restrictions on the hot tub use.

If an accommodation adds in these terms the times it’s likely due to other properties being nearby and it’s out of respect to the neighbours. It’s understandable, but at the same time you are on holiday and may want complete freedom to decide on your hot tub time. You can add this into the factors when making your decision of where to book.


Number 4

4. Charges
Something else to look out for are extra charges for the hot tub. Again, this isn’t common and access to use the hot tub is included in the price, most of the time. Our property data shows is less than 3% of properties – so it’s a very small minority.

Finding out if a particular property does indeed charge to the hot tub to be included in the amenities is found in the description section of a particular properties’ listing. An easier way is to check the accommodations’ ‘Hot Tub’ section here on However, things can and do change so always make sure on the booking site that the hot tub is indeed included without an extra payment. If there’s nothing mentioned about extra charges you can usually take that as the hot tub comes included in the price.

Where is gets slightly complicated, but not much, is due to the type of hot tub. As mentioned, the most popular hot tubs installed at properties are the standard electric square tubs which we have all either experienced or seen. If the property doesn’t detail anything about extra charges, then you can use this hot tub with no extra charge.

– Wood-fired Charges

The next most popular hot tub is wood-fired. These are typically circular and made from wood. The water is heated from burning wood (logs). Many accommodations supply a certain number of logs which will allow you to use the tub once or twice. Then after this you will have to buy more wood to burn which will be made from your pocket. The accommodations which have these types of hot tubs installed usually also sell extra logs.


Number 5

5. Who Can Use The Hot Tub
Properties here with us on, over 95%* (July 2022) have private use hot tubs for the sole use of the properties’ guests only.

Many people aren’t aware that there are holiday properties that will share a single hot tub between them. This can be restrictive, amongst other things. Check in the details before you book. Also check in our ‘Hot Tub’ section on the properties’ listing which you are interested in, to be sure that the hot tub is for your private use only.

*Properties where the data was available. For some properties there is no information or images to support or determine if the hot tub use is private or indeed shared.

– Even If Your Hot Tub Is Private For Your Use

Perhaps you may meet up with friends or family either out and about or at your accommodation during your stay. Some accommodations stipulate only guests who are on the booking can use the hot tub. Read the property description thoroughly if you think it could affect your situation and plans.

There are a very small number of properties who do place age restrictions on who is allowed to soak in the hot tub. There are also safety recommendations about what age someone should be to use a hot tub. This data is best sourced from a medical professional.

For all of these points, prior to completing your booking double check the listing on the boking site. At any time, the owner can change these rules / restrictions and this may not always be reflected in the details we have.


Number 6

6. Privacy From Your Tub
You’re on the way back to your accommodation after exploring the area. Count down until you can put your swimwear on and then hop into the hot water that’s been waiting for you. You’d like to relax in peace and privacy without people overlooking the tub…well, in order for this to happen you do need to pick which accommodation you book quite carefully.

There are many properties that have hot tubs which are not secluded. In fact, for many the opposite is true and the hot tub is visible from many properties.

Most hot tubs have a certain level of seclusion, especially if the property is rural. Some properties have hot tubs which are completely secluded. During your search, you can use our filters to return only the properties which have secluded hot tubs. Alternatively, you can leave the filter off and then once your results are returned, you can sort by ‘Hot Tub: Most Secluded’. The results will be re-ordered with the accommodations with the most private tubs shown first. From here you can take your pick of properties to look further at. For complete peace of mind check the images yourself to see if the positioning and how privately set the tub is meets your needs.

You’re Now In The Know

And there you have it. Hopefully after reading these 6 pointers, hopefully there were even a couple of pointers which you weren’t aware of but now are. With your new found hot tub knowledge you now know exactly what to consider and look out for when deciding on your next hot tub getaway.

If you’re yet to book up then take a search and look through what is still available.

Enjoy your break away and especially enjoy your time in the hot tub!


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