Accommodations Which Have A Sunken Hot Tub

Staying in a cottage, cabin, lodge, pod or caravan with a hot tub is why many people just like you come here to find.

Now you can not only find these accommodations easily for your next hot tub break, but you can also discover and then enjoy the added coolness a sunken hot tub gives you.

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We Found The Sunken Hot Tubs

Never has it been so easy to find sunken tubs. What is available for your dates?…

Step In

No need to climb in, instead you will be stepping into your cool hot tub

Located All Over The UK

There are plenty of places to pick from throughout the UK. They are popular, so if you find a place you like…

Step Down And Relax At Ground Level

In the past you may have stayed in accommodation with a regular hot tub and now you want to go that one better. Perhaps for a special occasion you have decided to book a place with a sunken hot tub.

To help you find these specific holiday homes which have sunken tubs we have added in a ‘sunken’ search option. Only properties which have a sunken hot are shown on this page – the ‘sunken’ filter has already been applied – 1000s of getaways in England, Scotland and Wales are at your fingertips. Lodges, log cabins, cottages, caravans and even glamping breaks all have their hot tub sunken.

If you wish, you could can also use our other hot tub filters to find your ideal tub experience. How about a large, secluded hot tub which is undercover?

  • Privacy and Seclusion

    Privacy is important for many people when enjoying some hot tub time and when a hot tub is lowered it usually can provide some additional privacy and seclusion.

    You can enjoy relaxing in the bubbles whilst drinking some bubbles a little more hidden away.

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility can be another reason to opt for a hot tub that is sunken. There are many reasons and situations where for some people may prefer this set up as it may allow for easier and / or safer access in and out.

  • Wow Factor

    There is no doubt about it if you have booked a lodge, cottage, pod or any form of accommodation with the addition of a sunken hot tub adds that wow factor - even more so than a regular, raised tub.

    Enjoy it for yourself of course, but also your pictures are going to look great…and if you decide to post some online there undoubtedly will be lots of likes and many comments from others wish they were there!

  • Safety

    Something to be mindful of regarding the safety aspect.

    As we have mentioned when a tub is lowered this means it is easier and more accessible to get in. Whilst this is beneficial in most incidences it can pose a risk.

    For example, if children or adults are in the vicinity of the hot tub they could accidentally fall in. Therefore, it is imperative that when the hot tub is not being used the cover is placed over it and securely fastened down.

    If the hot tub is being used then for the people who are not using it, it is recommended to keep a safe distance away as to prevent any unnecessary incident. Pets should be kept a safe distance away from the hot tub at all times.

    All of this is obvious but it doesn't harm to spend a couple of moments to assess the situation for yourself.

  • Keep In Mind

    Hot tubs at properties don’t change very often. However, owners can upgrade or change the layout or positioning at anytime. These accommodations have all been hand picked for having a lowered hot tub. If having a sunken tub is absolutely vital to you then do ensure prior to booking that the hot tub is in fact sunken.

All that is left is to find your very own place to stay. Get booked up and add the date to your calendar…the in no time at all you’ll be stepping in and not climbing in. Then the only thing left to do is to relax and enjoy.


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