The View From These Hot Tubs Are…Wow

The ultimate hot tub is one which has a fantastic view. Set the scene…your body is being messaged and relaxed by the jets as you look on and take in the view – perfect.

All of these hot tub have great views. Take a look, admire, choose and book – then picture yourself there…

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Hot Tubs With A View

All these properties have hot tubs with an excellent view

Day & Night

Endless landscape by day, stars by night

Special Occasion

Special setting for a special occasion? You just found it…

Sights & Relaxation

Perhaps you have been on many hot tub breaks before, and now you’re looking to make it even more pleasurable. Or you’ve seen someone else’s pictures on social media and you want to experience something similar. If it is the ultimate hot tub experience you are going for then you might also want to pick a hot tub which is sunken – just simply add it to our filter if you would like this.

Whatever the reason…being soothed by the jets of your private hot tub as you look on in admiration of a fantastic view. What’s not to like?!

As you know the UK is blessed with some jaw dropping landscapes – towering mountains, idyllic lakes, miles and miles of coastline and city skylines.

  • Mountains & Hills

    Mountains as far as the eye can see. Fancy gazing at Scafell Pike or The Coniston Fells in the Lakes? Derbyshire's Peak District for an unforgettable panorama?

    And we could go on...there are many places in England, Scotland and Wales with fantastic vistas of mountains from your hot tub.

  • Sea Views & The Coast

    Blue seas, cliff edges and golden sand. Sipping a cocktail as your eyes fix on the horizon with the sun in a tub full of friends, family or just your partner it will be a memory to remember and pictures to regularly look back on.

    The South West of England, The North East, Wales and the North West all have some spectacular hot tubs with sea views.

  • Lakes & Lochs

    The majority of hot tubs with a view of a lake or perched on the side of a loch are in Cumbria and Scotland - no surprise there.

    Loch Lomond, Loch Ness in Scotland are the most well know but there are thousands of others which can be admired as you enjoy your soak.

    In The Lakes you can find a property with a hot tub next to Windemere, Coniston Water, Ullswater and some of the other famous and picturesque lakes.

    Dotted over the rest of the UK are plenty more places to stay with hot tubs which are close to water.

  • The City

    The vibrancy and fast pace of the city and then the relaxation of your own how tub...poles apart but all in one day on a city break with a hot tub. Unfortunately, there aren't many places to stay which have a hot tub with a city view.

    However, there are some. Take a look at York, Manchester and London.

    If you do manage to find and book up an accommodation with a city view then enjoy your skyline hot tub view experience!

  • Quirky Views

    If traditional landscape and nature isn't what you are quite after, there are a number of quirky accommodations which have some unique views which you might be interested in.

    You can use the Property filter to select 'Quirky' accommodations.

Fantastic Experience

Whichever place you decide to book…looking at miles of rolling hill as animals graze, through to watching the sea crash into towering cliffs, it a moment in time to enjoy. Just be careful of those binoculars steaming up!

How To Find Your Hot Tub With A View

We have graded each property for their view. There are two hot tub filters for which will show you the best properties to stay at – these filters are ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’. Both of these settings can be found in our ‘Hot Tub’ filter and feature the very best and very good views.

All holidays on this page have hot tubs which have excellent views.

You can then use the ‘Sort By’ to sort by ‘Best View’. Once selected this will show you, ranked in order the highest graded views from a hot tub. You don’t have to select a filter for ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ to find these great views, you can just use the sort. That way you will see the properties ranked in order of best view’

Take a look, and likely you will check at the time and wonder where the last 20 minutes went – these views are a pleasure to look at…just imagine being there!


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