Posted on: 10th September 2013

Poll Results – Which Season Would You Most Prefer To Enjoy Your ‘Hot Tub Break’?

I think it’s probably fair to say that most of the visitors we have here at hot tub holiday would be happy to pack the car up and head off on a mini break anytime of the year…however we wanted to try and dig a bit to see which season would be the preferred choice.

Having ran a number of polls to do with hot tub breaks, we know that 64% would take the getaway with their partner, around 1/3 are looking to book and go in the next 2 weeks, with the Lake District in Cumbria topping the most popular location.

We wanted to find out a little bit more information regarding what periods throughout the year are a desirable time to go on a UK ‘staycation’…especially when you are going to be spending time outdoors (usually – some hot tubs are located indoors or under cover in outdoor ‘structures’ such as garden houses) in a hot tub.

Would people want to take their holiday in one of the UK’s colder seasons and let the temperature of the hot tub warm them up? Or in the warmer months, would taking a dip in the hot tub before lighting the BBQ appeal most?

Onto the poll in question and we asked:
Holidays With Hot Tubs – Which Season Would You Most Prefer To Enjoy Your Hot Tub Break?

The poll was live for just under a month and a half, spanning July, August and September 2013.

– Start date: 09:42 on the 18th of July 2013
– Finish date: 17:29 on the 9th of September 2013
– Question: Which Season Would You Most Prefer To Enjoy Your Hot Tub Break?
– Answers provided to select from:
A/ Spring
B/ Summer
C/ Autumn
D/ Winter
– Number of answers allowed per voter: 1
– Number of votes cast: 121

Which Season Would You Most Prefer To Enjoy Your Hot Tub Break?

Here are the results:

In order of most popular.
C/ Autumn
D/ Winter
B/ Summer
A/ Spring

You can see these results in chart format –

Autumn topped the poll.

Quick summary:

– Spring lags behind with just 2 votes
– Colder seasons top the poll
– There were only 121 participants

A deeper look into the results and possible conclusions…
The test ran for just over 50 days and as we’ve commented, received a total of 121 votes so drawing too many conclusions from a relatively low level of sample data probably wouldn’t be the correct thing to do. However, this isn’t supposed to be a super serious experimental data collection and analysis exercise – more something fun to see what our visitors are thinking / planning.

As autumn, winter and summer received a not too similar amount of votes, could the timing of the poll have affected the number of votes cast for spring? We did try to be specific with the question by using the wording ‘prefer’. Perhaps voters were voting for the time of year that they are looking / available to go on holiday (and we know from a previous poll ‘in the next 2 weeks’ and ‘Christmas period’ are popular) – or maybe our visitors had fully understood the poll question and spring really is just an unpopular time to go on a cottage or log cabin holiday?

What’s good to see is that (although many of the hot tubs are outside at the accommodation), the colder climate we have in autumn and winter is not stopping us from taking a hot tub break – nor should it either. Even though the outside temperature is low, you are kept nice and warm from the heat of the water – the downside is when you have to get out…so have your towels close to hand as you’ll feel the chill until you’re safely indoors!

These poll results are backed up a review left by Su, one of our website visitors. Su commented that the snow didn’t even put her off going into the hot tub!


As always, to all our visitors who take part in our poll(s) – thank you very much. It’s a great way for us to learn about you and your holiday plans / habits.

If you haven’t voted in one of our polls but would like to do so, then that’s great. Head over to our homepage – we usually have a poll running so feel free to vote.


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