Posted on: 27th November 2012

Poll Results – When Are You Looking To Go On Your Hot Tub Holiday?


No clear majority answer, however the conclusion to draw from the poll respondents is that, holidaymakers are looking to book and go on their hot tub break within a short space of time.

As always, a big thank you to our visitors who participated in our poll. Over 200 people voted in the short space of time in which the poll was open, and the results should help take away the guesswork shed light upon the booking behaviour.

The poll question was:
When Are You Looking To Go On Your Hot Tub Holiday?

After running poll to find out how many people you are booking you intend to go on your hot tub holiday with, we now wanted to discover just how soon you were wanting to actually begin your ‘staycation’.

The poll was live for just under 40 days spanning October and November 2012. Full details of the poll setup, option and times are as follows…

– Start date: 12:45 on the 19th of October 2012
– Finish date: 11:07 on the 27th November 2012
– Question: When Are You Looking To Go On Your Hot Tub Holiday?
– Answers provided to select from:
A/ In the next 2 weeks
B/ Over this Christmas and New Year Period (2012)
C/ Early in 2013
D/ Spring of 2013
E/ Summer of 2013
F/ Autumn 2013 and further ahead
– Number of answers allowed per voter: 1
– Number of votes cast: 220

Poll question – booking date

Results are in…

A/ In the next 2 weeks – with 79 votes this proved to be the most popular time frame, but only pipped B by just a few votes.
B/ Over this Christmas and New Year Period (2012) – a total of 73 votes were registered
C/ Early in 2013 – 21% (47 votes) of respondents selected C
D/ Spring of 2013 – 10 votes cast
E/ Summer of 2013 – 7 votes cast
F/ Autumn 2013 and further ahead – 4 votes cast

Poll results – booking date


Takeaway points:

No clear majority
– A and B together polled over 2/3 of the votes indicating people who are booking a lodge or cottage break are looking for dates coming up almost immediately.
– As the poll was ran in autumn, common sense suggests that option B’s results will be skewed with Christmas only a matter of weeks away.
– Only a small percentage of holidaymakers look well in advance to book up.

Looking further into the results…
With no clear majority, albeit 2 answers did have ‘larger’ shares, it can be said that people are looking to secure their booking up to a year in advance. Furthermore, as you get closer to the present date, the time in between booking and the start date of their holiday reduces.

Polling 36% of the vote, option A shows holidaymakers are not leaving a large amount of time from finding their accommodation to leaving for their break. As already mentioned, this could indicate a hot tub holiday is impulsive for many and if the people looking to book can take a Friday off work they will book up for a short break.

Whilst over 1/3 is a large percentage at the best of time – remembering that this poll was live during mid October through to late November meaning Christmas is just around round the corner together with the expense which this holiday season brings, the early dark nights and cold weather yet option A (In the next 2 weeks) was still the most popular answer is worth highlighting. This helps to emphasise what good value for money a short break in the UK can be and also these people booking are also aware that you can enjoy an outdoor hot tub in any season.

Spring, summer and autumn votes totaled 10% of the vote. While there are some forward planners amongst the voters, perhaps those of you who are wanting to secure luxury accommodation for a big group, in reality only a small percentage of the total were accounted for via options D, E and F.

As with any holiday, be it abroad or in the UK there are differing levels of accommodation. Given that only a relatively small number of people are planning 4 – 12 months in advance means there must still be opportunity to book the ‘cream of the crop’ in a holiday period. As the time nears to popular holiday dates or occasions, accommodation availability can disappear quickly. Popular times include the school holiday dates, Christmas and New Year as well as couples enjoying a romantic break over the valentine’s day period – so if you are able to forward plan, you should consider doing so.


In the future, with a start date in a different season we would like to re-run this test to see how the percentages given for each option could change on the time of year.

If you took part in this poll, thanks again and if you have and comments please feel free to add them below. To view our other polls, follow this link.


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