Posted on: 14th August 2012

Who Are You Going Away On Your Hot Tub Holiday With?


The majority of poll voters said they are going on holiday with ‘My partner’ or ‘My partner and children’. These 2 results out of the 6 provided gained over 80% of all the total votes with the top response attracting 64%.

This is the second poll which our site visitors have participated in and to everyone who has cast their vote – thank you. To find out the who, what, why and when to questions related to hot tub breaks and holidaying in general gives us, our readers and holiday home owners some really interesting data.

The poll question was:
Who Are You Going Away On Your Hot Tub Holiday With?

We decided to run this poll looking less at the importance which you, our site visitors place on having the use of a hot tub at your accommodation, but rather to find out just who, and the size of their party will be enjoying time away on a hot tub hol.

The poll was live for over 124 days during the summer months of 2012. You can see the time and dates below.

– Start date: 15:24 on the 11th May 2012
– Finish date: 13:40 on the 14th August 2012
– Question: Who are you going away on your hot tub holiday with?
– Answers provided to select from:
A/ My partner
B/ My partner and another couple
C/ My partner and children
D/ A group of us are going (mainly friends / all friends)
E/ A group of us are going (mainly family / all family)
F/ Other
– Number of answers allowed to be selected per voter: 1
– Number of votes cast: 574

Poll question – finding out who our visitors are holidaying with

Here are the results…

A/ My partner – 368 votes which means this choice of answer received 64% of all the votes cast.
B/ My partner and another couple – 25 votes cast for this option which is 4% of the total votes cast.
C/ My partner and children – 104 votes or 18% which is the second most popular answer choice.
D/ A group of us are going (mainly friends / all friends) – 41 votes which is 7%
E/ A group of us are going (mainly family / all family) – 29 votes for this option which is 5% of the total votes cast.
F/ Other – 7 votes which works out at 2% means this answer selection was the least popular selection.

The poll results – shows hot tub holidays are popular amongst couples


Headlines are:

A large majority (64%) of people surveyed will be going away with just one other person, and presumably will be looking for a cabin or cottage which has one, maybe two bedrooms.
– Our survey indicates that breaks away in a lodge or a log cabin are more popular* for small families than groups of friends / family.
Low percentages for options D an E

What this data could indicate…
We could draw from the fact that an overwhelming majority of our surveyed visitors are taking a hot tub break with just them and their partner, that they find this type of holiday a great choice for a romantic getaway. This also highlights that cabins and cottages which have only one or two bedrooms maybe sought after by holidaymakers.

The results bring to light that a large number or respondents are booking a hot tub hol for their immediate family. Option C polled 18% whilst only 13% (combined) selected either option D or E.

With a large number of parents / guardians booking hot tub breaks for them and their children, we can read into this that staycations in a log cabin or cottage are seen as a family friendly holiday. With locations so varied – from the doorstep of thrill seeking rollercoaster, close to historical cities or simply away from it all in remote locations you have a great choice as to the type of location which suits your family.

Why the ‘relatively’ low percentages received for options D and E? After combining D and E, 13% are looking to book accommodation large enough for groups of people. Whilst 13% is still a fair percentage perhaps the difficulty in organising a group holiday combined with the booking restrictions which can be found (such as no groups aged under 25) may be suppressing the polled figure slightly. This presumes that more than one person per large group is actively looking / seeking out accommodation. If this isn’t the case then the lower percentage polled for D and E would be expected. This could be due to the assumption one person is booking for the whole group, (let’s say 10 people) where in comparison to selection A there would be 5 people searching (1 person per couple for 5 couples = 10 people).

* More popular in terms of number of accommodations booked.


Thank you to all who took part and to all our readers / users the surveys we run can usually be found on our homepage – feel free to cast your say.

To view the results from our past surveys, we have a poll archive page here.

If you wish to comment on any aspect of the poll and its results please feel free to leave your comment below.


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